Bottle Benders, Inc. Hand Made in America by Artisans Who Care

Answers to all your chime questions!


Yes, they are made from real wine bottles!  The circles come from the center part of a wine bottle.  The solid disk at the bottom is the bottom of the wine bottle.  The little dots of color in the middle of the rings are marbles that are melted together.


It takes close to 1500 degrees of heat to melt the glass flat.  So, no, you cannot make them in your oven at home.


The more subdued colors- blue, green, yellow, brown & clear- are the natural colors of the glass.  The really bright colors (like the Northern Lights) are painted.  The paint won’t fade but it’s normal for it to wear slightly on the edges where the glass rubs together.


If you don’t want any painted circles, just let us know!  We’re happy to help you sort it out!


Our chimes are made to go outside but some care should be taken to choose the right spot for them.  They can take up to 15 mph winds (if it’s making a crazy amount of noise take it down).  They don’t like living outside in subzero temperatures (something about the cold seems to make the glass more fragile).  They really love sheltered places like screened porches and spots protected from the wind.  Please make sure that you hang yours from a secure hook.  Many have died from loose nails.


All is not lost if you drop your chime, your dog breaks it, your kid throws a ball thru it, the pressure washing guys take it out, the wind turns it into a tangled mass, or any other crazy thing that may happen.  All our chimes are designed to be repaired with ease.  Just send us a picture of your broken chime so we can see what you need.  We’ll send you a new strand and all you’ll need to do is clip the new strand on.  There are no knots for you to tie!  Repair parts are only $5 per strand plus shipping.


The wires you see melted into the glass is airplane grade stainless steel wire.  It’s made in Ohio.  The great thing about stainless steel is that it doesn’t oxidize or rust in the glass.


The green string that the circles are hung on is PowerPro 40 pound test woven nylon fishing line.  It’s just about indestructible!  We know it lasts at least 10 years. Sun and rain do not affect it.


The chain on the tops is stainless steel.  It’s made in Alabama.


About the only thing we don’t do in house is powder coating.  We have a great local guy (Monty at Dixie Powder Coating) that does all our powder coating.


If you still have a question, email or call us!  We probably have an answer!